Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day

This song speaks very loud

Today I am very thankful for all the Veterans past, present and our future veterans
it really saddens me that we only recognize them on 2 different days

Myself, I always thank a veteran no matter where I am at just to let him/her know they are appreciated all of the time not just 2 days of the year.  The joy on their face(s) says

everything I need to know!  they appreciate being told 
"thank you for your service"  I have received many handshakes, hugs, nods, and even a Thank you for taking the time to thank a Vet.  I feel like it is my duty to say thank you.!   

I come from many generations of service men  from WWI to present day each and everyone of them I owe nothing but
gratitude to

     I have always loved this

  MY daddy in Korea 1953

     My daddys flag 82115 RIP 

Gator is a Navy Seabee Vet from Kuwait

Remember thank a vet today!    

Freedom isn't free today and never will be as long as there is military fighting

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for so many things, we all have so muchto be thankful for each and every day
salvationGATORthat I still have my momfamilythat the election is overelectric to heat our homeneighbors helping us out food in the fridgeunconditional love of our fur childrenfall colors starting to peep each dayrain we are getting so very much its hard to put on the list
prayer request(s)our countrygator and I upcoming move that it may be avoidedgators continue healthmy aunts brother (terminally ill on hospice)our vehicle keeps getting a flat our upcoming trip on Sat to MO to get some of gators musicalequipmentsleep, I have not slept peacefully in over a monthcalming from my anxiety, ptsd and depression
hope everybody has a blessed weekremember if you need me to pray for you just leave a messagein the comment area

2 Thessalonians 3:1616 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all 
times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. 

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday Stealing this n that

Hi! from your host Bev Sykes of the blog "Funny the World". . Welcome to Sunday Stealing. 
This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all 
types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is 
that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. 
(Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud)  
Cheers to all of us thieves!

This is stolen from Freaky PopTart


1. What's the coldest temp you've experienced?  here in OK -17  with wind chill of -30 (TOO COLD)
2. What's for dinner tonight?  not sure yet as it is only 1135 am maybe chili on a cold day
3. Would you consider moving to Australia?   as long as it is warm *I HATE COLD*
4. What was your favorite subject in high school? ALL SCIENCES & MATH
5. How many hours a day is your tv on?  2 if that, we do not watch tv regularly
6. Have you ever received an award? Yes, perfect attendance from 3rd grade till completion of
Jr College,  1 yr and 5 yr pin from Soldiers Angels
7. Whats your mouse-pad look like? its a purple gel pad
8. How many browser tabs do you have open right now? 2 in this browser, and 2 in IE
9. If you are a parent, have you or did you ever put Vick's Vapor Rub on your children 
under the age of 2?   Not a parent my mom used it on me all the time
10. As an adult, do you like the scent of Vick's Vapor Rub? yes, I STILL USE IT when I get bronchitis
use it on my feet
11. If you had to pick one insect to infest your house for 1 day and after that day they 
would just suddenly vanish, which insect infestation would you pick?  lady bugs * they do not 
hurt anything*  I catch them and take them to our garden
12. What color is your underwear that you are wearing right at this moment?  greenish/yellow

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thankful Thursday and 30 days of thanks day 1

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November is the Thankful Month so I will combine my list today

today I am thankful on this 1st day of Nov
 for our salvation
much needed rain
beautiful fall colors that are popping out (finally)
neighbors that offer help
safe travels last week to Gators competition where he tied for 1st
electric to keep us warm
food in the fridge
harley (dog) is ok after she got hit last week

prayer list  if you need me to pray for you please comment or email me

Next weeks voting
our upcoming *unexpected move* long story, that we find a place and quick
that we do not end up homeless
extra stress
Gators shows he has coming up over the next 3 days  (safe travels)

Happy Thursday! be blessed

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Taco Tuesday

1 Peter 3:1414 But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. 
“Do not fear their threats ; do not be frightened.”

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Monday, October 29, 2018


reminds me of the tune of MICKEY (why because we like you) MOUSE

hope everybody has a blessed week!  say some prayers for gator and I as were facing
an unexpected move.  Long story short, my mom decided she wants to see this place, we are
looking at it in a blessing in disguise, as there is so much work that needs done here.

We had a builder come out and to get it back in shape like it needs to be somewhere between
80,000 to 100,000  that doesn't include NEW ROOF, appliances, water heater and ac/heat unit
that is just structure work.

The sad and hard thing is this is the last memory of my dad, yes its time to let go and move forward
yea, I said it without crying my eyes out

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Sunday Stealing Sleepy rambles

Hi!  Bev Sykes of the blog "Funny the World". .host this fun hop
Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published 
on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every 
corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to 
find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: 
Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud)  Cheers to all of us thieves!

This is stolen from Sleepy Rambles 

    1. What is on your mind right now?   our upcoming move
     2. Do you know anyone who has attended Harvard University?  no
    3. How many books are in the room you’re in?  many (computer books, music and craft books)
    4. Do you save at least 15 percent of your income?  oh how I wish
    5. When was the last time you had a rainy day spent at home? one day last week

    6. When was the last time you stayed home from school/work? been 4 yrs since I worked
    7. Do you write “yes” or “no” answers to surveys or do you explain more? depends on survey
    8. Is there any type of medicine you can’t take? For what reason? Sulfa, opiods, ansaids allergic
    9. Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas? What do they look like? yellow with big eyed kitties
    10. Would you rather have potato or chicken noodle soup if you had to? potato soup
    11. Do you believe that when a person appears in your dreams, that person wants to see you?
  yes, as I see my dad in my dreams all the time
    12. When’s the last time you saw your mom?  last thur
    13. What is one food you could eat for a month, straight, and not get sick of?  Mexican
    14. Have you ever spray painted something about your love somewhere?  yes  fredricksburg tx at the 
  giant rock there
    15 Do you live in a town where basically everyone knows everyone else? yes only 1000 in this town